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Out of these ideas, there was one I really wanted to see in a game and we finally decided to use it as one of the basic concepts for the setting of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening a few years later (this was, in fact, that the world ends when a massive egg breaks on top of a mountain).

There's still a goldmine of fun factoids that dwell in the minds of the developers of the games we love.

Starting , over 60 titles will no longer be able to be played online; including Super Smash Bros. For many games (like Brawl), it's less worrying because you can still play it locally.

However, things like Wii Speak will be entirely defunct. I'm reminded of when Microsoft ended online functionality for the original Xbox games, like Halo 2. Many don't make it into the final game, or are changed drastically from their original incarnations.

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Li sat down with the folks at Nintendo Minute to talk about her costumes, how she got into cosplay, and some advice for aspiring costume creators.Be sure to stay tuned for more Zelda related SSB4 news!Nintendo announced a while back that there would be an A Link Between Worlds Art Academy event would be held from January 24th to February 16th.It will still be possible to play locally with two DSes and one cartridge, but that requires a friend with another DS (Also, Everyone who has played Link's Awakening knows of the iconic egg that sits atop Mount Tamaranch.It turns out that the concept of the egg was originally planned for the previous Zelda title: A Link to the Past.

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