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Before we jump in, here’s a quick overview of the steps for creating your plan: Step 1: Learn the Human Potential Landscape Step 2: Dream and Create Your Vision Step 3: Select your Areas of Focus Step 4: Discover Your Practices Step 5: Establish Personal Development Goals Step 6: Set Your Schedule Step 7: Monitor your progress Step 1 is what’s missing from most people’s approach to personal growth.

So we’ll start our journey with a larger vision for human potential.

You know, the one from those late night infomercials?

In this guide, I will share with you lessons learned and provide a roadmap for crafting a simple yet powerful Personal Development Plan.To have a full and meaningful life requires us to open to more dimensions of ourselves.And a Personal Development Plan can help us do just that. I wasn’t aware of the options when I started my journey.From that moment onward, I was hooked by personal development. I hopped from seminar to seminar, from book to book.Investing every possible moment I had, I covered a lot of ground in my first five years.

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