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4G triple-cam (also called triple-lens and three-way-cams) sets on rearview mirror are becoming more available (2 front cameras - one 170° to mainly record road, one 360° for sides and doors and a rear camera).

4G is used to send messages, calls, pictures, and videos in parking surveillance mode.

Dashcam units usually operate via the vehicle electrical system, converting the 13.8V to a 5V USB connector.

We covered the action from every angle – 4 Go Pros, a 360º camera inside the car, a camera car following behind, and a drone capturing aerial shots from above – getting viewers up close and personal with our duo’s experience and all the great features of the RAV4 that make it “safari-certified.” After assembling the best moments from the shoot and developing custom title graphics and lower thirds, we delivered a long form version with cut-downs for additional digital and social outlets.

The antenna is usually 1575 to 1568 MHz and 3.0 to 5.0 V.

GPS coordinate stamping capability is included in most dashcams (some need an external GPS antenna, but other dashcam systems have built-in GPS), and others include GPS (online and offline) navigation.

Others attach to the windshield, dash, or other suitable interior surfaces Many dashcams include rechargeable batteries not needed when connected to car battery wire or capacitors.

To ensure that recorded video files are not tampered with once they have been recorded, videos can be timestamped in a tamper-proof manner, a procedure termed trusted timestamping.

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