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Marjorie points out the ruin of the mill, romantically likening it to a castle.

Nick doesn't comment on the romantic parallel that Marjorie points out.

If the rumor mills are to be believed, Bachelor in Paradise stars, Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, are getting hitched soon! For all the die-hard fans of the show eagerly Googling terms like, “Amanda Stanton Josh Murray engaged,” “Bachelor in Paradise engaged,” and “Famously single Josh Murray,” don’t go anywhere else because we’ll give you all the juicy details on who wins Amanda’s heart in Bi P.

This evening, the two of them row to a beach on the bay.

The rules of the show state that real-life couples should not be seen in public together, but it looks like Stanton and Murray don’t care for the rules, as they have been photographed by the paparazzi in public several times at Target, The Cheesecake Factory, and the Orange County Fair along with her children.

This proves that the reel life couple is together in real life as well. For all of Amanda Stanton’s fans, wondering who her ex-husband is, we’ll spill the beans on his identity right here.

He's amassed an astounding 3 million followers on his Instagram.

He has a sister named Morgan who is also a You Tube vlogger. He shared hosting duties with Joslyn Davis for Clevver News.

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