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With brains, wit and polite charm, Walsh may just be the person who springs to mind when the Irish cast their vote in favour of marriage equality next year.

From a festival steeped in tradition and stuffed with sentimentality, there has emerged a powerful, influential new role model.

“I met someone on a random Friday night, as millions of people do, and instantly connected with her.

And I thought to myself, 'I’m going to be with her'.” Walsh’s family supported her decision, although there were questions about what it would mean for her personal life and career (she has a journalism degree and now works for clothing brand Anthropologie).

"But critique is not bad, it just makes you a better person.

“This is how much of a boring story it is,” she says laughingly recounting the moment she knew she was gay.

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Although Walsh, with her Natalie Portman-esque good looks is undeniably beautiful, she probably wasn’t quite what he had in mind, as she herself admits. The TV presenter has confirmed she is in a happy relationship with Emmy-nominated director, Shauna Keogh.Maria and Shauna were first linked when they appeared on the red-carpet of the Gossies together back in February, but both denied the romance.Despite this, some hope that Walsh’s win could influence the outcome of the referendum on same-sex marriage to be held next Spring.Walsh refuses to comment on the referendum - as the festival’s ambassador she must remain apolitical.

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