Who is kimberly locke dating

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She is being portrayed as engaging in emotionally abusive behavior.The most salacious allegation is that she showed photos of male genitalia to colleagues who weren’t interested in seeing it.These days, Locke’s diet emphasizes lots of low-cal veggies.

Kimberley Locke’s preferred diet program is notorious for its small portion sizes, excessively cheesy entrees, and sugary items. In terms of fan popularity during Season 2, Studdard and Aiken were effectively the two 'best' finalists.Whether Kimberly Locke had a better career than Clay Aiken (or winner Ruben Studdard for that matter), in my opinion, is a different question.We recommend pairing the entrees with a fresh, homemade salad and snacking on fresh fruit between meals to make this diet healthier.Unlike some people, Kimberley Locke appears to genuinely enjoy her exercise routine.

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