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I love it when it tells a real story, but by the same token, I love things like Things that just make you happy.

As much craziness in the world as we’re living with today, I feel like people really are hungry for something that makes them smile. Most child actors work on instinct, they haven’t studied; but then as an adult, directors and producers expect you to be serious about your craft.

I’m still nervous; I have that ingrained in me when I’m around cats.

So, when I was little I couldn’t even sleep over at my friend’s house who had cats because I would have like crazy allergy attacks. If you have something in your pocket, they’ll come to you. There’s something about us humans that we find so comical about animals and the hilarity that ensues when things run amok. Romantic comedies are my absolute favorite of all time.

Earlier, Kathie Lee Gifford was married to her first husband named Paul Johnson in 1976 and he was a Publisher, Producer, and Composer.

This former couple rose to fame by making Christian Music and even appeared on covers of Christian Magazines numerous times.

But working with these two guys, I mean the cat kind of did his own thing. I guess it’s a cat’s nature, but it only highlighted how lovely the little puppy was. There was one time even — I don’t think it made it into the movie– when I had to be sobbing on the bed, and I jumped up and he wasn’t supposed to, but he jumped up on the bed and started licking me all over my face just to make me feel better. It definitely takes longer to film because you’re waiting on a dog, not a person. It definitely adds time to the shoot, but I think it adds a lot of heart to it. I really, really love , like the more old-school ones.

It took everything in me to keep from laughing because he was so sweet. I feel that sometimes romantic comedies can get a little corny and sometimes quirky, and we love that, too.

On July 28, 2019, Randy was spotted with Kathie Lee Gifford on a romantic date and spotted at an Outdoor concert in Franklin, Tennessee.When we first get to know someone, I feel no matter what, it’s human nature to want to connect with other people and over time, I think you can learn to see that even the things that you think are so distinctly opposite can be pretty similar. Is it as bad as he says, or are you a dog lover and so you really enjoy the experience?I am such a dog lover and I so fell in love with that little munchkin. He was a Beagle with a little bit of Cocker Spaniel in him, and he was the sweetest thing on the planet. I was allergic to cats growing up; I’ve since grown out of it.How did you know so young that it’s what you wanted to do and how did you convince your parents to let you do it?Yes, that was my first professional job but before that, since first grade, it was all I ever wanted to do. If I ever go back through all my old books, yearbooks, or any of the projects we did growing up in lower school or middle school and they always ask, “What do you want to be when you’re older,” I always said an actress even before I had started. It was the only thing I wanted to do, and my parents having been in the industry themselves, both of them were a bit skeptical at first.

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