White girl dating a nigerian man

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Concerning her frustrations with CJ’s visa application, Angela said, “I’d waited so long for true love — and now I’d finally found it, it was being kept from me.” And if she had any doubt about her marriage, CJ’s assurances soon took care of it: “I know there are scam marriages and they get hold of older people like me.

In this article, I want to talk about five reasons Nigerian men marry white women. In the past and in some countries, women are not allowed to marry just anybody from any race. You don’t just grab anyone from anywhere and say you want to marry them. The Nigerian man may decide to tie the knot with the white woman because he believes that they will spend the fortune together.

The bride, who expressed frustrations over the authorities’ refusal to grant her groom even a tourist visa, has said they remain a couple despite the distance between them.

They could all see how happy I was,” Angela gushes with excitement. I have helped CJ financially, but he has always paid me back.” Since marrying, Angela has visited her husband in Nigeria twice, once in March 2016 for three weeks and once in January 2017 for three weeks. She says: “Our only hope now is that CJ will be allowed to come next year on a student visa to study his Masters in computing.

Indeed, her first child, Malcolm, helped her to investigate CJ, after which the man concluded that CJ was for real.

“When I first told my son Malcolm about CJ, he was worried it might be a scam, so he checked him out online.

She explained that they continued their love from there as they spent hours chatting daily discussing their families and hobbies despite the distance and age difference.

And though the mother of three, who is also a grandmother, was worried that the union might not be acceptable to some people because of the 45-year age difference between her and her husband, her sons, aged 50, 47 and 43 approved of it after they were certain that CJ was genuine.

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