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People whose bodies don’t make sufficient levels of ADH may experience nocturnal enuresis because their bladders can’t hold higher volumes of urine.

Diabetes is another disorder that can cause bedwetting.

But a child who develops bedwetting but has already been dry at night for over 6 months could signal a medical problem, too.

Talk to your child’s doctor about any new bedwetting that does not resolve itself within a week or so, or is accompanied by other symptoms.

Also, allowing and encouraging your child to take as much responsibility as is appropriate for their age is good too.

But boys are more likely to continue to wet the bed as they get older. A child is more likely to wet the bed if a parent, sibling, or other family member has had the same issue.

The chances are 70 percent if both parents had bedwetting as children.

A stressful event in a young person’s life can sometimes cause bedwetting.

Conflict at home or school may cause your child to have nightly accidents.

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