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It could also be a signal that the bad guy is using multiple botnets in order to better avoid detection since they are not orchestrating the attack from a single botnet source." Mirai has played smaller roles in previous attacks.It factored into last month’s extended distributed denial of service (DDo S) attack on the website of information security reporter Brian Krebs and an even larger DDo S against the French cloud provider OVH.But other systems not matching the signature of Mirai were also involved in the coordinated attack on Dyn."We believe that there might be one or more additional botnets involved in these attacks," Dale Drew, CSO of Level 3 Communications, told Ars.That idea matches up with what others who had some insight into the attack have told Ars confidentially—that it was also pointed at Sony’s Play Station Network, which uses Dyn as a name service provider.For now, it's not clear that the attacks on Dyn and the Play Station Network were connected.On the plus side, the published source code gives researchers a great deal of insight into how Mirai operates.

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But even in the midst of the Dyn attack, some of the Mirai-infected devices were being used to attack another target—the infrastructure of a gaming company, according to Allison Nixon, the director of security research at security company Flashpoint.And with a criminal investigation underway, a Dyn spokesperson declined to confirm or deny that Sony was also a target."We are continuing to work closely with the law enforcement community to determine the root cause of the events that occurred during the DDo S attacks last Friday," Adam Coughlin, Dyn’s director of corporate communications, told Ars."When one C&C server fills up, [the botnet operator] can just change the IP address associated with that 'A' name," Nixon explained.New bots will connect to the new address while older bots continue to communicate with the previously labeled server.

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