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With the USB plugged in, put your Jetson TX1 into Recovery Mode by following these instructions here (they’re also in your Quick Start guide).

Finally, you need to setup the USB passthrough in Virtual Box. Go to the USB screen and hit the USB icon with a green plus next to the USB Device Filters list.

You’ll also need to plug your Jetson TX1 into your host computer via the aforementioned USB cable.The catch here is you need to run Jetpack on a separate Linux computer while the Jetson TX1 is connected via USB and in Recovery Mode.Not currently having Linux setup on any of my computers, I wanted to do this through a VM on my Windows machine.In the - unlikely - case, that there should be a problem, going back to the snapshot point (in the VB Manager after powering down the VM) means, that the VM is exactly at the same state as before (inclusive the old guest additions of course). p=1164290#p1164290 , I decided to uninstall the VB software that I installed from the Package Manager, so I clicked Menu, All Application, Oracle Virtual Box, RMK (Right Mouse Key), Uninstall. Then I went to Oracle's site and downloaded the version for Ubuntu 14, 64 bit. Now I was in trouble because I could no longer start Package Manager. Only caveat: In case, that you did not shut down your guest, but used the save state function for quitting, you should at first start the VM and shut it properly down. Today I wanted to add a second guest OS, being Win7 64 bit.

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