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If serving the role of Coordinator, the Registrant will be issued one CSOS Administrative Certificate for communication purposes.

All Registrants will be issued one CSOS Signing Certificate for each DEA Registration number applied for.

A CSOS Coordinator is required for each organization as the main point of contact for CSOS.

The CSOS Coordinator must be enrolled in CSOS before any Power of Attorney application is processed, however, the Coordinator and POA applications may be submitted at the same time.

E-Commerce Support is available to assist your organization with its CSOS Enrollment.

Back to Top The DEA Registrant, authorized CSOS Coordinator(s), and Power of Attorneys granted ordering authority by the DEA Registrant may apply for CSOS Certificates.

In this case, Power of Attorneys would represent multiple Registrants to consolidate the ordering process and each purchaser would need a separate CSOS Certificate for each DEA Registrant.

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Often, this is the same person who grants Power of Attorney to allow other individuals to.

Back to Top There are two types of CSOS Certificates: Each CSOS Certificate (both Administrative and Signing) are issued to individual subscribers.

Certificates must never be used by anyone other than the individual subscriber (a person, not a location) the certificate was issued to.

However, DEA does not create or supply CSOS enabled ordering software.

Suppliers are at liberty to charge for use of the ordering software which they have created or licensed.

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