Updating windows 2016

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AWS provides updated, fully-patched Windows AMIs within five business days of Microsoft's patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of each month).

The new AMIs are available immediately through the Images page in the Amazon EC2 console.

NET framework versions, don’t install Windows Features, and generally don’t change the AMI.

Each AMI is extensively tested prior to release to the general public.

AWS has removed all Windows AMIs dated 20 due to an issue with an unquoted path in the configuration for the Amazon EC2 Hibernate Agent.

For more information, see Issue with the Hibernate Agent (20 AMIs).

Amazon Web Services did not release updated Windows Server AMIs in February. The following features, which were previously available in Enterprise edition only, are now enabled in Standard, Web, and Express editions with SQL Server 2016 SP1: All Windows Server 2008 R2 AMIs for July were removed and rolled back to AMIs dated 20, because of an issue discovered in the AWS PV driver. The August AMI release will include Windows Server 2008 R2 AMIs with the fixed AWS PV driver and July/August Windows updates. If you run the Docker service on Windows Server 2016 AMIs, the service is configured to use a different CIDR value than the default internal IP address prefix value. Windows Server 2016 AMIs use to avoid a conflict with the default Amazon EC2 VPC/subnet.

If the agent is running, you must also restart the agent.To subscribe to Windows AMI notifications Other than the adjustments listed above, we keep our AMIs as close as possible to the default install.This means we default to the “stock” Power Shell or .You can manually install only the updates that interest you, or you can start from a current AWS Windows AMI and build a new Windows instance.For information about finding the current AWS Windows AMIs, see Finding a Windows AMI.

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