Updating tracker in bit torrent

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It is common to announce over a UDP tracker protocol as well.Bit Torrent's peer protocol operates over TCP or u TP. Messages sent in both directions look the same, and data can flow in either direction.After the download hash comes the 20-byte peer id which is reported in tracker requests and contained in peer lists in tracker responses.If the receiving side's peer id doesn't match the one the initiating side expects, it severs the connection.More commonly is that trackers return a compact representation of the peer list, see BEP 23.If you want to make any extensions to metainfo files or tracker queries, please coordinate with Bram Cohen to make sure that all extensions are done compatibly.They must not perform a decode-encode roundtrip on invalid data.

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(This is the same value which is announced as to the tracker, only here it's raw instead of quoted here).Note that this can't be computed from downloaded and the file length since it might be a resume, and there's a chance that some of the downloaded data failed an integrity check and had to be re-downloaded., which map to the peer's self-selected ID, IP address or dns name as a string, and port number, respectively.Note that downloaders may rerequest on nonscheduled times if an event happens or they need more peers.Connections contain two bits of state on either end: choked or not, and interested or not.Choking is a notification that no data will be sent until unchoking happens.

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