Updating sunday bulletin

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The biggest fallacy when it comes to the usefulness of church bulletins is trying to land on a catch-all approach that addresses every church’s unique needs.

He noticed that the largest churches tended to have the smallest bulletins, and that the essential information boiled down to: That’s it!

That church bulletin became as characteristic for him as the ever-present cup of coffee in his hand, and I’d be surprised if there isn’t a stash of those curled bulletins filed carefully away somewhere in my parents’ home.

are all fine and have their place, but what about the churchgoer that still doesn’t have a smartphone?

Bonus: Download our handy bulletin bingo sheet, and see if your church’s bulletin faux pas can score you a bingo!

Here are some great church bulletin insights that people have used to improve their bulletin: Steve serves as the big cheese of communications at his church in Melbourne, Australia; he married way above his pay grade and has three children.

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