Updating sas license

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This indicates that the software expires on 25MAY2017, however nothing will happen during the Grace Period.During the Warning Period messages in the SAS log will warn the user that the software is expiring.But is it the Foundation license or the license stored in metadata?To see the status of the license in SAS Environment Manager, select Resources then select Browse Some testing revealed that Environment Manager is monitoring not the status of the foundation license but the status of the license in metadata.To fully update the license of a planned deployment follow these steps.

One of the jobs of SAS Administrators is keeping the SAS license current.

To obtain a SID file, contact your SAS installation representative.

To determine the SAS installation representative who is responsible for your site, navigate to SAS Support Personnel at Your Site.

Has anyone run into an issue where the incorrect license file was applied to the midtier.

The two suggestions to update license information is using the deployment wizard and the script.

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