Updating pb manually

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If you care about SQL Server performance you need to take SQL Server Statistics into account.Statistics are lightweight and small objects which describe how data in SQL Server tables are distributed.You can do it using T-SQL Commands or simply set Sql Bak Maintenance Job (see below).Use the following T-SQL Command to update the statistics for an index All you need is simply set Sql Bak maintenance job.

PRs can be linked to official race results and Strava activities, shown in blue on your profile.We know that PRs matter down to the second, and we know that GPS data isn't quite as accurate as a time over a verified race course.All-time Personal Records are a runner's fastest time ever run over a distance in an official race, or over a verified, known distance.To Manually update your local Punk Buster Security Files, choose "Save As" from your Web Browser's "File" Menu and explore to find your game folder and the subfolder called "pb".Save this file in that location (/pb/or /pb/pbsecsv.htm).

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