Updating mule classpath

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These options can be evaluated during startup of the agent.The first (and only) option it 'boot Amx' for allowing a Glassfish detector to not boot up the AMX subsystem upon start of this agent.New auth Mode "service-any" and "service-all" to allow to lookup an org.security. Note that this class has been changed from an abstract base class to an interface for ease of customization. Removed default truncation on 1000 collection elements as defined for the WAR agent in Although it has a bogus dependency declaration on junit, it comes with a proper OSGi Manifest.Truncation can be enabled by setting the config parameter max Collection Size in to a value greater than 0. The j Unit dependency is excluded by us, so this should be safe. Agents can be configured to answer to discovery multicast request with there URL.In addition it is now possible to configure a whitelist with patterns which are allowed as targets in the proxy mode.See the reference manual section on "Proxy mode" for details.This is done either by giving a default proxy configuration to the J4p Client or by providing a proxy config to the request objects.

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Update jolokia-osgi-bundle to include Felix's Http Service implementation (since its is a bit smaller and fits better due to the packages already included).

If set to "false", then the original name as registered is used.

Allow for custom detector options in the agent's configuration.

It contains an own Spring configuration syntax and provides also a plugin for automatic startup the agent with default values by only declaring a dependency (works for containers which automatically lookup META-INF/spring/*.xml). One can now change the key property order for MBeans names with the query parameter "canonical Naming" for read, list and search operations.

By default this is set to "true" in which case an alphabetical ordering for the keys is used.

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