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Over time, the convected heat will also rise, leaving properties cool at the bottom with much of the heat escaping through the walls and roof.Manual functionality How do storage heaters know when to come on?Increased control Whereas storage heaters might provide consistent, everyday heat that is generated overnight, opting for a modern electric radiator provides the control that a modern household needs to manage their heating efficiently and effectively.This control includes access to a precise thermostat to match the exact temperature you want, as well as the ability to better ‘zone’ the colder areas of the home to reduce heat wastage.

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However, an inflated day rate on many of these tariffs means the money you save overnight doesn’t account for the inflated day rate; leaving people out of pocket over time for their heating.

Not only are storage heaters often difficult to replace with a similar equivalent, you will be lumbered with installation the of two heavy pieces of equipment each time an upgrade is required, making storage heaters or storage radiators difficult to handle and hugely inconvenient.f you’re considering removing electric storage radiators or heaters from your property and replacing them with a more efficient, viable and effective solution, then choosing to replace storage heaters with electric radiators might be the right choice for you.

In comparison to the larger and less effective economic heaters that storage heaters claim to be, electric radiators are sleek and simple in design, with all the modern features required to make them the perfect choice for any household.

More flexibility Electric radiators are more modern in design, and as such are far more compact and flexible when it comes to size and style.

Not only does this enable more precious space in smaller rooms, it also allows radiators to fit in locations where a storage heater would be impossible to locate.

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