Updating firmware panasonic sc bt100

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-Tracking auto focus performance in video recording is improved.

-The customized AF area can be continuously displayed in [Multi AF] and [Custom Multi AF] during live-view.

• [Focus Ring Lock], [E-Stabilization(Video)], [Mic Rec Level Disp.], [Live View Boost],[Night Mode] and [L.

updating firmware panasonic sc bt100-33

updating firmware panasonic sc bt100-36

updating firmware panasonic sc bt100-90

updating firmware panasonic sc bt100-87

-Auto focus performance for subjects with low contrast in photo shooting is improved.・There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in video recording. The accuracy of detecting the subject has been improved by optimizing the focus area settings and tracking speed. • [Grain Effect] can be added and adjusted in Photo Style.The point of focus remains on the subject instead of shifting to the background. • [Live View Boost] has been added, which makes it easy to check the composition on the monitor in low-light environment.• [Night Mode] has been added, which reduces glaring on the screens when recording in low-light environment.• Maximum 20x enlarged view is available in [MF Assist].

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