Updating column

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Using Field API, you've already created a new field and it works great. The original schema, using hook_field_schema(): If you want to update a custom field, say to change the precision of the underlying column (or columns) from single to double, you often face the problem of not knowing what its associated table and column names are, as they're based on the machine name as entered by the user in the "Manage Fields" section of the entity in question.

In addition to this, you may want to re-calculate and re-store existing data as double precision numbers.

Visit Stack Exchange I had no idea what to Google for this. Here is File A: And here is File B: I am trying to loop through File B.

I want to look at each row's first and last name columns with the first and last name columns in File A.

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Note You should run the entire merge operation, except for creating and dropping the temporary staging table, in a single transaction so that the transaction will roll back if any step fails.Using a single transaction also reduces the number of commits, which saves time and resources.If you are overwriting all of the columns in the target table, the fastest method for performing a merge is by replacing the existing rows because it scans the target table only once, by using an inner join to delete rows that will be updated.You perform the same two steps: Important note: You may be tempted to pass a table definition from your own hook_schema function directly to db_create_table().Please read why you cannot use hook_schema from within hook_update_N().

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