Updating clam antivirus in ubuntu

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However, it should be noted that disinfection rarely works very well.I discuss the options for dealing with infected files later, but first I discuss installing Clam Tk and performing virus scans.If they read similar to the following lines, then enter sudo apt-get install clamav once again to complete the installation successfully: This will also install a number of additional dependency packages.Caution clamav and clamtk are contained in the Ubuntu “universe” repository, which isn't activated by default.This is one of the most important guides on Linux Questions.org, but also one of the most useless.It describes how to install comprehensive virus scanning software for desktop Linux users.However, this isn't a significant issue, and Clam With Windows virus scanners, you might be used to performing whole system scans.This isn't advisable with Clam Anti Virus, because it simply isn't designed for that task.

It's also possible to update Clam Anti Virus without using Clam Tk—just type sudo freshclam in a terminal window.This has obvious benefits if you share files with Windows users—you can inform your friends and colleagues if any files they give you are infected (and bask in the warm feeling that arises when you realize the viruses can't affect your system! Clam Anti Virus's only drawback is that it is limited just to virus scanning.It isn't able to disinfect files, like the more sophisticated virus scanners available for Windows.With the unexpectedly poor showing of the latest version of Windows, more and more people are turning to Linux. The guide below looks at installing the open source Clam TK software, and is extracted from Chapter 9 of Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Second Edition (published April 2007).The entire chapter looks at security, including common-sense Linux security measures and also configuring a bullet-proof The following instructions describe how to install Clam Tk, which is a graphical front-end for the Clam Anti Virus (Clam AV) antivirus program (

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