Updating a samsung f480

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there is an option in F480 is traceability if u add a mobile number in the traceability Application any other Sim card will be inserted we automatically sms you. If so, then you should get auto-sms from your lost f480 if someone inserts his own sim in it. Get the hugu firmware for another set of scrnsavers. If you only read from page one of this thread, all problems are already addressed (I guess). Select your region or where ever you are if the firmware is OPEN firmware, it should work. Had you activated mobile tracker by entering two other mobile nos? All those with problems, try updating to the February 2009 Firmware.Then press the AMSS button on the left side and browse to the firmware files you want to flash (unzip/rar them as necessary).Go to the binary folder and then select amss_compressed. Connect your phone to your comp and then click download in multiloader.My battery life goes in about three days if I forget to turn off the bluetooth after using it. It's not too often that we are so impressed with a handset as we are with Samsung F480.You can also connect with others in The Informr Community Forum to find and share answers to questions.In addition, it is so suave and compact that it is bound to earn itself quite a lot of fans.

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HSDPA combined with the great web browser make web-browsing a great experience and, if it wasn't for the missing Wi-Fi, it would probably be in the top three handsets in this respect.cheers Thanks for that, changed the setting, i Sync seems to find it now, but as its starting to sync I get a "network error" on my phone. If your a Tocco user I'd love to chat to swap tips/games/apps etc What firmware do you have on your Tocco (press *#1234#) to find out, mines F480ADHD3, the last 2 digits are important, reflecting the version of it.cheers I have had the F480 for a while (firmware F480XXHDA) and it first worked then gave the network error then worked then returned to the network error message on updating to 10.5.5.thanks :) Check to see if the bluetooth is turned on. I dont own one of these yet, but I have another Samsung model.

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