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That's what many are asking today as their favorite apps for the social media service suddenly appeared to stop working.At roughly 0900 California time, people's lists of liked items, responses to specific search terms, mentions – in fact pretty much everything came to a sudden and unexpected halt.We suggest clearing the app’s backed up data from the Google Drive before you install it again.If you have issues loading photos on Twitter only with mobile data, we encourage you to double check the network permissions.Twitter seems to believe the same thing will happen again but this time some big third-party app developers have simply not gone for the new arrangement and not updated their apps either – not yet at least – causing everything to grind to a halt.A leaked internal email by Twitter's senior director Rob Johnson gives a little more insight into the decision, claiming that the whole system needed an update: "It is now time to make the hard decision to end support for these legacy APIs - acknowledging that some aspects of these apps would be degraded as a result," he wrote.Finally, if the latest iteration of Twitter is just plain broken and it won’t work, you can always take a step back and download an earlier version. We remind you that these apps, won’t get updates through Play Store, so you can stick with the functional version as long as you like.

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