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But seventy years ago, a large continent arose from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and there was actually an ancient civilization on it that tried to conquer the entire world, but ended up stalemating against the allied armies of the entire world, so in the end they signed a peace treaty and they’ve become the world’s second superpower. Seiji’s face could only distort when he learned the fantasy-like history of this world.Not only that, the military equipment in this world made his eyes sparkle, apart from conventional weapons, such as guns, tanks, and cruisers, there were also robot warriors, single-pilot mechs, flying castles, biologically engineered living giants, technology that he had only seen in sci-fi manga before. After reincarnating to this body, he’s been experimenting with this system that he received inexplicably.After Seiji reincarnated, any time he talked to a girl whose appearance was above average, he could see their current opinion of him, and he was also able to check his own stats.If this had been Earth, 100% of guys would watch her as she walked down the street, she’d be able to do cosplay or be a fashion model without makeup, a top-class beautiful girl!But in this world, it seems that she was only above average.

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His entire world went black momentarily, then became light again.

This game function is the most ordinary of all, every game comes with this function.

But, for this ability to appear in real life, heavens…… After reincarnating, Seiji spent most of his time so far experimenting with this final ability, at first he was astounded, then he was overjoyed, but now he’s starting to feel a bit scared.

All his classmates looked down on him, the school bullies picked on him, the prettiest girl in school insulted him, his childhood friend kicked him away, his younger sister slapped him, his older sister forced him to leave home, his adoptive mother treated him coldly……

Okay, these memories are way too painful, Seiji doesn’t want to go through them anymore, just remembering it once was painful enough.

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