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The city lies on largely flat land, with little in the way of hills.

Toronto’s latitude – 43 degrees north – is similar to Bordeaux, France and – in the southern hemisphere – Christchurch, New Zealand.

Although Toronto’s climate is partially moderated by its Great Lakes location, it is more extreme than Bordeaux’s and Christchurch’s, with somewhat hotter summers and considerably colder winters.

Character Toronto’s motto is “Diversity Our Strength”.

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Toronto is the place to be for all hetero, gay and bisexual people.

Location and Climate Toronto is Canada’s largest city and is North America’s fifth most populous municipality – with a population of 2.8 million people.

The Greater Toronto Area, usually called the GTA is home to over 6 million people.

The prices for an escort in Toronto differ depending on the girl's class and location.

In general, we can say that average prices are in the range of 100-500 Canadian dollars per hour.

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