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There are a variety of reasons a person can develop PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), but this mental health concern is one that can be best treated when it's clearly understood.With that said, our focus here at Better Help is try to provide more information about what exactly PTSD is, some of the signs and symptoms, how treatment can help, and how online counseling can help throughout this entire process. PTSD: Definition, Psychology, Symptoms and Treatment Options 8 Tips For Managing PTSD And Anger Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects individuals who have been through traumatic life events.They learn to tolerate distress, and eventually, their PTSD symptoms, such as triggers, flashbacks, and nightmares, decrease.There’s also Cognitive Behavior Therapy, where the client learns to reframe their thoughts, and as a result, their emotions change.These are a few treatment options for people living with PTSD; however there are many more.

Semper Fedelis, Helen Semper Fedelis is the Marine Corps motto and means always faithful or always loyal.You can choose an online counselor who specializes in treating survivors of trauma.They’ll understand your symptoms and help you learn coping techniques.Exposure therapy is another standard treatment for people with PTSD.The person is either gradually or rapidly exposed to something that they’re afraid of (similar to EMDR) and learns that they’re not in danger.

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