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The type of write up that wouldn't exist for any other city in the UK for this sort of development without causing uproar. as a site we are actually good for looking at trends of where regneration is.

these are issues that need to be addressed and perhaps will be. there's a lot of debate about whether hull is in terminal decline or not... its also one of the cheapest places to live in the country and maybe in 15 years time itll be greatly improved...

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this is one of the biggest cities in the uk and has almost nothing on skyscrapernews because almost nothing is proposed.Hopefully many of these are in line for new uses and restoration to help the areas economy to revive.And, given the chance, and without being hamstrung by preconcieved notions and prejudice, new investment might be able to complement them with cutting edge designs.These are: • - Queensway Properties Mixed use refurbishment of existing buildings with some imaginative new build infill.The ground floor will consist of retail and parking.

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