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The present work contributes to this continuous updating, using the latest evaluated nuclear data for the 238 U-, 235 U-and 232 Th-series, as well as for 40 K and 87 Rb, obtained from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) database and the Nuclear Wallet Cards.

An estimate of the accuracy of the dose-rate conversion factors is further attempted for the first time, by taking into account individual uncertainties in all quantities involved in the calculations.

A selected example is given to show that the use of the HM instead of the present dose-rate conversion factors has a minimal impact on dating calculations performed by the thermoluminescence, the optically stimulated lumi-nescence and the electron spin resonance methods.

It is concluded that there is no justification in periodically reviewing the dose-rate conversion factors and thus, the present values can be considered as a revised overview that future dating applications should safely rely upon.

The timing and location of the emergence of our species and of associated behavioural changes are crucial for our understanding of human evolution.

The earliest fossil attributed to a modern form of Homo sapiens comes from eastern Africa...

These remains had been excavated close to Bergisch Gladbach, which was at that time part of Germania magna.

It attempts as well a preliminary interpretation of the data obtained during the 2016 season,now based on the first results of the still ongoing archaeometric A. A‐values were determined for all TL and p IRIR measurements.

Topics Advances in luminescence methodology Dose rate determination Innovative materials Application in all fields of archaeological sciences (Geo-)Archaeological case studies Organisation Local organiser: F. The present work contributes to this continuous updating, using the latest...

more It has been about forty years since the dose-rate conversion factors commenced to appear in ta-bular forms and, ever since, periodical updates have been published.

more Thermoluminescence is an old, but well known method of dating of monuments.

The oldest examined monument was Pomeranian culture pottery from 5th century BC.

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