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The Niskin bottles were sampled for analyses of total chlorophyll ), phytoplankton accessory pigments by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), prokaryotic abundance and biomass by FCM and protistan community abundance and biomass by digital epifluorescence microscopy.

Depth profiles were taken across a 25-km transect of nine stations sampled semi-synoptically during one night and for 3 days following drifter arrays in the adjacent water masses.The peak in phytoplankton biomass at the front was dominated by large (20 µm) diatom cells, comprising 71% of the total community biomass.In contrast to previous studies of frontal features in the southern California Current, our study of the A-Front shows strong frontal enhancement of phytoplankton biomass and a shift of phytoplankton size structure towards larger cells.Fluorescence signals were collected using filters for Hoechst-bound DNA, phycoerythrin and chlorophyll, all normalized to internal standards of 0.5- and 1.0-µm yellow-green (YG) polystyrene beads (Polysciences Inc., Warrington, PA, USA).Listmode data files (FCS 2.0 format) of cell fluorescence and light-scatter properties were acquired with Expo32 software (Beckman-Coulter) and used with Flow Jo software (Tree Star, Inc., to define populations of (SYN), heterotrophic bacteria (H-Bact) and photosynthetic eukaryotic phytoplankton.

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