Text resizer not validating

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The textbox control is as it sounds, a box that can hold text.

You can use it both as a input box as well as an output box to display information.

That will grow automatically with no fancy Java Script help at all - except that it's not a real form element anymore so you'll need Java Script to extract/send the value.

To prevent text from wrapping normally in CSS, you use .

Here is some j Query that will remove the background when the textarea is in focus, and put it back if the textarea is left without any text inside. REMINDER: The blue glow is becoming a strong standard and breaking that standard is typically a bad thing for your users.

If you do it, you should have a darn compelling reason to as well as a similarly strong :focus style.

If for whatever reason you want to remove that, CSS is all it takes: j Query UI has a resizeable interaction that can be used on textareas.

If you add a background image, for whatever reason, it can break the browser default styling of the textarea.

The default 1px solid bolder is replaced with a thicker beveled border.

A couple of other items that I added were the Accepts Tab=True and Vertical Scroll Bar Visibility=Auto. Also notice that everything I did with tabbing and returning as well as the text wrapping is respected in the output textbox. If I were using a listbox to display the output, I could then add some other events to allow you to view the help for a cmdlet, but that will be for another article. Xaml Reader]:: Load( $reader ) #Connect to Controls $query_btn = $Window.

This allows me to use the Tab key and also if the text goes beyond the set height of the Textbox, it will add a scroll bar that you can use to scroll and read the text as shown below. Now if the input textbox was smaller and the output textbox was larger, the text wrapping may have not happened. Xaml Reader]:: Load( $reader ) #Connect to Controls $Output Box = $Window. Other items that I didn’t touch on but can be used are the various Font properties available for the textboxes that I have shown in previous articles.

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