Sue bird diana taurasi dating

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But their participation — as well as Lindsay Whalen’s and Seimone Augustus’ until this year’s World Cup — also meant that other younger guards couldn’t get a chance to play in a World Cup or Olympic Games.

Because of that, some American guards who play overseas in the winter have decided to acquire citizenship and play for other countries.

Team USA is in a period of transition before the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Six of the 12 players from the FIBA World Cup made the team for the first time. To Bird’s and Taurasi’s credit, they are still two of the best guards in the WNBA.

More rest for some WNBA stars - It is honorable for WNBA players who make a national team to go to a world tournament immediately after the end of their regular season.

But players shouldn’t have to risk injury after compressed seasons every other calendar year.

I understand why some would want Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi to step down.But it’s also their choice to continue playing for Team USA as long as they are good enough to do so.For that reason, I am not in favor of imposing term limits.Beard was part of Team USA’s 2006 World Cup team that won the bronze medal.Ultimately, that leads to this question: Should there be “term limits” on WNBA players for Team USA in world competition?

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