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Now, let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with being old-school, and some women think it’s a nice gesture when a guy pick up the bill, so there’s no harm in offering to pay.

Sarah Langa is notorious for not acknowledging her past relationship with Sarah Langa and now fellow influencer Mihlali does not recognize her former boyfriend, one half of the majorleague twins.Back in the day, women were taught that if they really wanted to hook a man’s attention, they should turn down his first few attempts to secure a date in order to make the man feel victorious when he finally gets a “yes.” But this is actually terrible advice, because it makes it seem like courtship is a battlefield in which men are knights and women are conquests, and sends men mixed signals about whether or not “no” actually means “no.” And for more on this, learn Why Your Days of Playing Hard to Get Should Be Numbered.Just as women were taught to be coy, men were taught that if a woman turns you down, you should just try harder to woo her affection.There’s nothing wrong with picking a woman up in your sweet Chevrolet for your night on the town.But, equally, there’s nothing wrong with a woman picking a man up for the date either.

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