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On the opening night of the UK leg of the band's Book of Souls tour, founder and bassist Steve Harris, 61, said the band would continue for as long as drummer and eldest member Nicko Mc Brain, 64, was capable.

"As long as he is on form, and drumming for Maiden is a very physically demanding, we will go on.

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I can’t tell because I’m not really a gamer” -- and thinks the band has recently won more fans because of the app.

“It’s great that it’s doing that, bringing in new young people as well.

“I saw it in pre-production and everyone seems to think it’s one of our best shows, so I think people have a lot to look forward to.” Harris explains that it was singer Bruce Dickinson’s idea to bring out the Spitfire for the classic Iron Maiden song “Aces High” -- no surprise, given that he’s also a licensed commercial pilot. Hopefully, we’ll be allowed to do what we do everywhere else, but you never know.”He continues, “We just wanted to bring the show we did last year in Europe.

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