Step up 2 costars dating

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They were married in September 2009 in France and have one son together, Cyrus, and are currently expecting another.

Beatty waited until filming wrapped until he made his move on his beautiful co-star.They both played supporting roles to Buffy, with Alyson playing Buffy’s best friend and Alexis playing the role of Buffy’s Watcher in season three. They married in April of 2005, and by December, Chad was openly dating an extra on when Mark was added to play Kelly’s lover and married on May 1, 1996. They are both still happily in love with the other and enjoy a more traditional style of marriage.The couple is still in love, having married on October 11, 2003. Kelly is a bit more famous than her husband Mark, but he’s the one who makes the majority of decisions in the family. Their affair caused a worldwide scandal and was even condemned by The Vatican.The two were together for 12 years in total and were married for two when the actress turned humanitarian filed for divorce in September 2016.The couple is still finalizing their divorce and hashing out custody of their six children.

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