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My dad served on the Strauss from 76-79 and he passed away on August 12, 1994.I was looking for the story about the ," Fleet Fox ", running into 2 mines .Does anyone out there know how to get in touch with him ?name: REX HOLTemail: [email protected]: Wednesday, August 22, 2001Time: PMIF YOU RECOGNIZE MY NAME, DROP ME AN EMAIL.ESPECIALLY MIKE FANNING, WALDO EMERICK, BOBBY ELKINS AND CHARLES BOBBITTname: Darrell Hoover Bm2email: [email protected]: Wednesday, August 22, 2001Time: PMI served on the smoking joe, 1986-1990, looking for any of my old shipmates.

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I am looking for other shipmates that served during that same time to see what they are up to.

I was on board at that time and would love to hear about it from other shipmates , plus add my experience .

Our captain was slamming sammy andersonname: john "SCOOBIE" shoberemail: [email protected]: Sunday, August 26, 2001Time: PMserved between 71 and 74 on ic gange.

Allen Peront (Mags to my friends).name: LARRY TONDUemail: [email protected]: Tuesday, November 27, 2001Time: AMhi to all my former shipmates once again my plans to attend the strauss renenion was knocked overboard.

Marlinname: Al Gryderemail: [email protected]: Tuesday, February 26, 2002Time: AMAnyone know the whereabouts of Gary Payne, GM Div.

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