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And later that evening, Last night's episode introduces a new character, Vice-Principal Strong Woman, who PC Principal brings in to help run the school. Conduct, to teach them all about how to properly handle themselves in the workplace. Conduct in the middle of some educational role playing.She's a competent, independent leader, one whom PC Principal immediately finds himself attracted to (evidenced by a hilarious use of Hootie and the Blowfish, which was the only laugh-out-loud moment of the episode). Thankfully, both men are able to act professionally and respectfully toward their female coworkers, but they find themselves struggling to figure out how to balance their feelings with proper workplace conduct.

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Here, is wrong to confuse one (which is often the butt of a joke) with another (which is a serious institutional problem).It shouldn't even bother me but I just feel that whenever they are the focus to an episode (Tweek x craig and recently put it down) it's actually a really freaking good episode that takes a step back from the plot of the season and is just like, "Here, have a cool fun episode that will make you question a cartoons sexuality at 4 am on reddit."I've asked a couple people this and the general response I seem to get it "They're like 10 if they are really gay you will probably never find out." But come on, this is the show that had a toddler fucking his school teacher if two guys are fucking it wouldnt surprise me if they where 10 (That sounded like way creepier than Imeant it and without context i'm pretty sure that puts me on some sort of list...)ANYWAY... Am I just over complicating it or do you think tweek and craig are actually falling for each other, or are they just falling into the roles of the gay couple without really questioning it?I personally just hope whatever happens those two get more episodes with them because Craigs line about Tweek not being able to control his emotions and then just deadpanning to ,"And now you made me lose control of my emotions" made me laugh so hard I peed a little. Put it Down showed how they act in private with Craig using pet names and taking Tweek on dates to make him feel better. After you do that counselling fight tweek basically freaks out whenever craig is hit and I had tweek go down at one point and it started a cool bit of dialogue from Craig about how they knocked out his 'sidekick' and then Tweek is like ' What do you mean just your sidekick?You would be hard pressed to find someone alive that isn’t familiar with the comedy-cartoon, South Park.Dating all the way back to 1997 it’s older than many of our kids. While there are other main cast characters, everyone knows and loves Cartman.

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