Sophos antivirus always updating

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It could be that Microsoft’s angst over its baseline is really asking a deeper question – should baselines and the endless compliance that follows in their wake be that important anyway?Margosis again: Removing a low-value setting from our baseline and not compensating with something else in the baseline does not mean we are lowering security standards.In the worst-case scenario, this might include using the same tweaked password across multiple sites, a habit that fuels password-stuffing attacks.Notice that although Microsoft no longer recommends a specific password expiration value, there’s nothing to stop organisations implementing one if they want to.Going to try and recreate the issue on a test machine now. We booted into safemode disabled all the Sophos services and rebooted.Then we were able to login, on at least two of them we've enabled the services and restarted and can still login. We have the same issue with a number of our Win 7 users as of today.Sorry for the delay in updating I made this post right as I was leaving the office yesterday and did not want to update without information.

The addition of full Android support is excellent news.If NIST downgrading the importance of password expiration was a big marker, Microsoft doing the same signals that change is coming in the real world.sensible because, as numerous security compromises demonstrate, passwords today are often stolen and abused long before their owners realise.Logically, then, changing them on a schedule should minimise the risk by reducing the length of possible compromise to a defined period of weeks or months.In the consumer space, it’s become such an accepted part of security that password managers urge users to update their passwords regularly and offer mechanisms to automate this for big internet sites.

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