Skype hook ups for adult chats

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Other studies have investigated not just regret but a full range of possible emotional reactions.And they show that most young people feel fine about their hook-ups: These studies also show that hook-up regret is most likely in one specific circumstance—intercourse when very drunk.But I experienced no lasting scars and the same appears to be true for today’s hook-ups.Do Hook-Ups Threaten or Preclude Committed Relationships?

Reading people's faces and hearing their tone of voice are dimensions of communication that email and text messaging don't capture.

This site can help kids learn the importance of face-to-face interaction.

Skype isn't perfect, but it can be an amazing tool for kids to learn about communicating with others.

The Alcohol Connection Katy Perry’s 2010 hit Alcohol has always played a major role in casual sex and it continues to be key to hook-ups today.

A University of Illinois survey found that 49% of college men and 38% of women reported having sex as a direct result of drinking.

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