Sister dating my ex boyfriend

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Connor and I kept our relationship on the down-low due to the polyamorous nature of it.

So, he pulled out his phone and I was too drunk to care that I was watching it.Thankfully the bar was too loud for me to hear what was going on. He was a perfect gentleman throughout our relationship.Connor gave me the play-by-play of what was happening. I told him that I wanted to kiss him, but I wanted to kiss him sober. He never pushed me to do things I didn’t want to do. Polyamory is confusing for everyone involved, but luckily he and my fiance at the time were both understanding and consenting.Dark thoughts for someone with a mental illness are just a symptom that we have to learn how to manage. He trusted me with so much of his darkness that I forgot most of it.Joking about wanting to hurt people was just heard as, “I have uncomfortable thoughts that are inappropriate to express, but I need to joke about them otherwise they’re too scary and real.” People who do not have a mental illness do not understand this sense of humor. Another thing between mentally ill friends: the capacity to forget things can be a blessing if the person is telling you something in confidence. So, when people try to get mad about my gaps in memory, then they don’t understand why Connor would have trusted me with his secrets in the first place.

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