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Johnston PDF Quantitative morphological analysis of submarine canyon-channel systems on the US Atlantic continental margin, Nicole A.

Kuenzel PDF Field calibration methodology for a multibeam echo sounder using a split beam sonar system and a standard target, Jose Carlos Lanzoni PDF Assessing innovative zero-valent iron separation processes in an arsenic treatment scheme, Nathan H.

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Bogosh PDF Paleomagnetism of the Kittery Formation: A record of tectonism and rotation, Julianne Batchelder Boucher PDF Mathematical analysis of blood flow model through channels with flexible walls, Lisa A.

Bozzuto PDF War for the soul of empire: Colonial British Protestants in the French and Indian War, 1754--1763, Jonathan Bratten PDF Investigation of variables for wireless capacitive strain sensing on a CNC mill, Justin Patrick Bray PDF Saprotrophic fungi as a mechanism for vertical nitrogen transport in a chronically fertilized northern hardwood forest, Katharine M.

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