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The other scenario is that they get jealous of your partner and will try to separate you. As Amy says, your family is not incomplete just because it doesn’t have a parent no 2. While I did advise that you should not expect your partner to be part of your family, you will want to have a long-term plan of where things are going.This is why communication channels need to be open. You are enough, you are perfect and you are doing the best you can. As time will go on, there will be more to consider.Having said that, single parent dating has become another category in dating, and we are here to help you navigate it. Truthfully, as all of you single parents might struggle in the initial stages of navigating this whole single parent (dating) world. More importantly, do not compare yourself to anyone else out there.Similarly as there is no one correct way of parenting, there isn’t one correct way to date as a single parent.You will be able to gauge your children’s reactions, opinions, suggestions, before you make any move.It is a great way to create a communication channel for you and your kids, without it feeling too forced or artificial.Just imagine a world where you could see all eligible, high-value singles that are available in your area, decide which ones are worth your time and which ones not.

Now we know we say this often, but online dating truly does save you a lot of trouble.

For example consider when to introduce your partner to your child.

Possibly if your partner has a family, you should consider how this will impact on the life of your precious angel(s) too.: start engaging your children in hypothetical scenarios. These are going to introduce ideas of you having a partner.

Dating is a tricky business as it is, so hats off to you.

Well done for putting up with the pressure of singe-parenting and getting back into dating at the same time.

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