Shy dating website

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It turns out that there were lots of guys in our shoes and lots of women who were looking for the shy guy type, as we've been getting great feedback from our members since we've started.

Shy dating sites, for many of our members, is a perfect place to meet the partner that they've been looking for.

This wasn't simply because we were shy - although that was a large part of it - but we found that we just wouldn't always fit together with the party animal type.

We wanted to meet women who were on the same page as us and who didn't try to judge a person by how crafty his 'pick-up' lines were.

Party animals have clubs and bars where they can go meet others, but shy people and introverts don't really have any places like that, which makes sites like ours so much more useful.

It turns out, for obvious reasons, that an online meet up place was the best solution for allowing shy people to meet one another.

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