Sheneneh dating show

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2019-09-02 PST - 2019-09-02 PST After receiving a generous tax refund, Martin and Gina (Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell) invest in a restaurant. Guest stars Kellita Smith, Trish Penix, John Wesley, Lee Weaver, Guy T. 2019-09-02 PST - 2019-09-02 PST Nick Cannon, Young M. G Parker and Justin Hires battle it out in games; ``Pick Up and Kill It''; ``Talking Spit''; ``Hip Hop History''; ``Wildstyle'' battle; Young M. 2019-09-01 PST - 2019-09-01 PST Nick Cannon, Miss Nikkii Baby, Brooke Valentine, Paris Phillips and Shawty Shawty battle it out in games ``Now You Wild Out''; ``Talking Spit''; ``Family Reunion''; ``Wildstyle'' battle; Kash Doll performs.

2019-09-05 PST - 2019-09-05 PST En route to a Halloween party, the gang stops by to visit Martin's dream house. 2019-09-05 PST - 2019-09-05 PST Martin (Martin Lawrence) and his friends go on a romantic cruise where everything seems to go wrong.

2019-09-03 PST - 2019-09-03 PST Red tape brings KP's ambitions to a grinding halt, as the grand opening party looms; Lemeir and Danielle receive heart-wrenching news from the doctor about the pregnancy; Barbie gets an unwelcome surprise.

2019-09-03 PST - 2019-09-03 PST Nick Cannon and Dinah Jane battle it out in a VMA-themed episode with games; ``Eat That Ass Up''; ``Got Props''; ``Thanks for Nothing''; ``Wildstyle Battle''; Dinah Jane performs.

Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tommy Ford, Carl Payne, Tichina Arnold star. Guest stars: Lynn Whitfield, Ted Lange, Bernie Kopell, Lauren Tewes and Jill Whelan.

2019-09-02 PST - 2019-09-02 PST When Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) loses his job at the airport, Martin (Martin Lawrence) offers him a position at the cable station. 2019-09-02 PST - 2019-09-02 PST Martin (Martin Lawrence) and Gina's (Tisha Campbell) plan for a romantic weekend alone are knocked out by Tommy (Thomas Mikal Ford) and Pam (Tichina Arnold).

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