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Also, for Power Mac 61/71/8100/9150 with a third-party accelerator card will not install Mac OS 9.1.System 7.0 as 800K Floppies System 7.0.1 as 1.4MB Floppies System 7.1 as 800K Floppies System 7.1 as 1.4MB Floppies System 7.0 plus CD-ROM installer and System 7 Tuneup 800K Floppies System 7.5 as 1.4MB Floppies System 7.5.2 as 1.4MB Floppies and single file Net Install System 7.5.3 as 1.4MB Floppies and single file Net Install System 7.5.5 as 1.4MB Floppies and single file Net Install - Requires 7.5.3 Some of these are still available on the Apple Older Software Page but they are very hard to access/download without a modern OS and Browser.This file is an image from the original install CD. This Power Book G3 Series CD image contains a copy of all the software that was originally installed on your hard disk. My first hands-on experience with the Mac was in high school, during my junior year, which began in 1986.You will also find FWB's "Hard Disk Toolkit Personal Edition" and "CD-ROM Toolkit". Inside this CD you will find several references, technical info library, presentation, support stacks, applications, diagnostics tools, Disk Maker 1.3 disk images, and Macintosh system software up to 6.0.4. MD5 Checksum & Filename: 4FDE4AA6365FC2599E767C09EB8BCE45 *Technical ISCD1990. I assume that when the above compatibility rating was written there are newer G4's this will not boot up and install to.Apple – Technical Support – Information Source – Owner’s Guide 1.0, 1990 Contains System 6.0.3 in many languages, lots of application samplers, Technical Info Library, lots of Drivers for vintage hardware This is the Apple Technical I. ZIP This is the Apple's Software Upgrades CD - Volume Four. For example; the Mirror Door G4 & G4 e Mac or any late model G4 that shipped with either Mac OS 9.2.2 or can run 9 in Classic mode only.

Most of these are shareware games, but they include a few classic commercial releases such as Prince of Persia and the Carmen Sandiego series. In addition to my own Mac Book Pro and my wife’s Power Book G4, we bought a clamshell i Book for the kids to play games on and run some of the educational software we have.Top download above contains a zip compressed .toast image MD5 Checksum: A2A6857738C1155C97B20D1D1B0FF669 *UMAXSystem CD_JP. ZIP: Mac OS 9.0.4 Retail CD-ROM image (International English). This archive has been extensively tested as working, prior to uploading.ZIP Additional Software Included on the CD: The "UMAX Extras" folder contains utilities and applications that bundled and pre-installed with Super Mac, which is Micromat's Tech Tool Pro and Clockometer 1.9. MD5sum & filename: ace572ad7f108e05fdd4af834d09782e *macos-921Extracted from the .zip, the should have: MD5sum & filename: 84e84218e2b8c3e06ae5ae28c82db93f *macos-921You can install from this CD onto any of the following computers: Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, Power Book G4, Power Book G3 (except the original Power Book G3), i Mac, and i Book.So you've found yourself wanting to emulate classic Power PC Mac OS and can't put the pieces together on how it is to work? In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to run Mac OS 9.0.4 in Sheep Shaver, although other versions work. I set the Width as 1024 and the Height as 768, then also changed the refresh rate to Dynamic. This is a testing build, however, I have found it to work better than any of the ones from 4 years prior. (OPTIONAL) Go to the Graphics/Sound tab first and change a few settings.

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