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already had my phone number, credit card information and my pictures on their database - they had absolutely no need to ask for my private information.

It is none of their business where I work, how much I earn, what passport I have, my residency status or where I live.

I buckled under the pressure after a while and bought a 3 month subscription.

Approximately 1.5 months into my membership term my membership was cancelled without any notice and without any reason or notification provided to me.

I will ensure that the Indians who use the services in the United States are made aware of…I have spent hundreds of dollars (with both Shaadi and VIP Shaddi ) and the result was zero.The consultants (only other than one who left the company while he worked with me) treated me like a number and sent me profiles without checking on my preferences.They have essentially betrayed my trust and swindled me off my money!I would strongly advise other innocent people to reconsider doing business with

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