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Those magnets will allow users to replace damaged faces or swap them out for different visages altogether.

Within moments Harmony was someone completely different.

After demoing Harmony's admittedly corny stand-up abilities, Mc Mullen removed her wig exposing a mess of circuits, motors and wires.

In our first demo, Harmony ran exclusively in autonomous mode, and while Mc Mullen says the remote control functionality may not make it into the consumer app, it would make for a sweet party trick.This, and other broad ethical concerns are currently swirling around robotics labs and in academic circles.The sex-robot debate has even made its way to CES, but Mc Mullen remains wholly dedicated to his vision of delivering a sexualized humanoid -- albeit one that could be used for non-sexual companionship.The UK's first sex doll brothel opened earlier this year - though in Italy one was shut down.Here's everything you need to know about the growing phenomenon.

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