Sex hookups

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It’s something you will remember, and there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the person you want to spend your life with.If you remember back in October of 2017, millions of women shared their experiences with sexual assault online in what’s now known as the #Me Too movement.Sex, while created to be beautiful and intimate, can easily be warped into something that is not.Sexual encounters are powerful experiences, whether good or bad, and that reminds us that they are not casual. Aside from the fact that abstinence is the only method that is 100 percent effective against pregnancy and STDs, it’s also a reminder that sex is a big deal. Choosing to abstain reflects a belief that sex isn’t casual, and that you want something deeper and more meaningful than that.

It’s just as easy to believe that sex is how it’s portrayed on television.

But the fact is that those pictures and those scenes are staged.

And in real life, sex isn’t staged; it’s one of the rawest and most intimate experiences you can have with another person.

Why should your single friends get to monopolize the brunch/bar talk with tales of their latest exploits?

Even if they are not as salacious, you deserve to share your sex stories, too.

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