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A Midtown server told me that diner conduct hasn't changed much after #metoo. You just have to take that first teensy-weensy step into Divorce Land to get this ball rolling! Here are some short answers (for Hooters, at least). She didn't say how they were different, exactly, but her deep eye-roll said enough.

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But while it often feels like dating apps are, as one woman put it, "playgrounds for emotionally unavailable, narcissistic clowns," almost most say the experience has been generally positive.

("Anything beyond that feels like sneakiness.") It's in-person where the real horror stories come out.

One woman with a "strict two-drink limit" reported being drugged by a date who ordered her a drink before she arrived.

Other top spots to meet that special someone include social events, school, work, church, and bars.

Once the dating commences, a whopping 74 percent said they prefer to date exclusively, as opposed to dating around.

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