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There, Nurse Karen Schussler gathered evidence, and Dr. never actually saw any gun.[¶ 7.] In the jury trial, the State called as witnesses M. Pugh testified on his own behalf and called Ralston as a witness. The question is whether the evidence is sufficient to sustain a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Matthews, Pastor Turley, Erickson, Officer Brumbaugh, Officer Peterson, Nurse Schussler, and Detective Oberman. Second-degree rape under the circumstances here is defined asan act of sexual penetration accomplished with any person ․ through the use of force, coercion or threats of immediate and great bodily harm against the victim ․, accompanied by apparent power of execution. Pugh points to inconsistencies in the evidence and to the fact that M.

E.2d 850 (1998) (evidence of victim's prior virginity did not constitute evidence of past sexual activity within scope of rape shield law where evidence was relevant to circumstances of the assault); State v.

App.1984) (upholding admission of victim's statement that she pleaded with defendant not to rape her because she was still a virgin as relevant to show lack of consent); Goodrich v. Chastity, as much as promiscuity, may characterize a person's sexual conduct, so that-other things being equal-evidence of either would be inadmissible. The purpose of the rape shield law is not to bar people from vaunting their chastity or testifying to their loss of virginity, but to protect victims from the humiliation of having their unrelated sexual conduct paraded before juries.

E.2d 918 (1998) (holding physical injuries received during commission of rape, including condition of hymen, is admissible evidence); People v. Indeed, comparing the victim's physical state before and after an alleged assault might be relevant to a material issue in any rape case. Therefore, we need not reach the issue whether the violations of that order were prejudicial to defendant. Life Sentence-Cruel and Unusual Punishment [¶ 16.] In separate issues, Pugh challenges his sentence under the United States Constitution and the South Dakota Constitution. Reviewing the evidence in a light favorable to the verdict, we conclude that it supports a rational theory of guilt. Violation of Pretrial Order-Virginity of Victim[¶ 11.] The trial court granted a defense motion in limine to prevent the State from introducing evidence that M. But most of all a good looking couplewho dont freak out when they see there other with one or both of us. : Anywhere What types of sexual activities turn you on?: Giving Oral Sex, Threesomes, Making Home "Movies", Participating in Erotic Photography, I LOVE TO GIVE HEAD THE MORE THE BETTER FOR ME..

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